Entry #1


2008-05-28 01:35:05 by Lock-Legion

Although it wasn't as huge as our previous lockdays, the event still happened and went better than we thought it would!

See all the glory in the LOCKDAY 08 COLLECTION PAGE
http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/l ockday2008

Good work to all those who submitted movies, and gratz to Master Lock who won 3 heavy NG awards for his thrilling submission

Also my personal favorite is Mp3 Locks amazing flash racing game, I mean its so amazing!

See you next year for Lockday 09!


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2008-05-28 03:16:22

locks and clocks and glocks and other stuff to resemble a face
what are people doing!?


2008-05-28 03:40:41

Wait yesterday was Lock day? Oh well, I really don't give a crap. Only day I care about is Pico Day (or is it Newgrounds Day now?).


2008-05-28 03:53:40

quite good, yet so little movies


2008-05-28 03:53:53

little in number, mind me


2008-05-28 06:34:10

Are the Locks and Clocks still enemies?


2008-05-28 06:38:22

wow really? never noticed it lol . clock day was a bit more noticeable.


2008-05-28 07:51:48

Congrats on the 25 submissions and single award-winning movie.

To the above poster: Clock Day is a little more noticeable because the Clocks are actually original and significant. The prizes and special layout honor a crew that's been a pivotal part of Newgrounds for over six years. Thousands of movies are submitted on Clock Day, and the collection is seven pages long. Usually every award that day (as well as many of them the next day) and most weekly awards are won by Clock Day movies (the average Clock Day submission having a score of 4.15 or higher, some ranking at 4.50 - 4.60, and many actually deserve it).

I'm waiting for the Locks to get tired of being a rip-off crew created only because they didn't fit in with the Clock Crew.

I must add though that Master Lock's movie was pretty great. Wish there could've been more like it. Congrats on the many awards, man.

Lock-Legion responds:

n1 cares what you think


2008-05-28 09:11:07

Stephen3> never was.


2008-05-28 09:47:51

I have to say that Cookie Jar movie was one of the funniest Flashes I've seen in a while. And it wasn't just "chuckle at one part" funny. It was "laugh through the whole movie" funny. I'm glad to see that it got all those awards =)


2008-05-28 13:23:18

Oh Sqeeky, do you have to try and drop a drama bomb in every post you enter.

Nice one guys, loved MasterLock's flash. Got a few laughs out of it.


2008-05-28 14:23:58

I went out to the pub with some friends yesterday and loudly exclaimed "Happy Lockday!", only to be greeted with confused looks, and one saying "Why do we celebrate doorlocks?I don't get it", and it made me laugh muchly.

Thanks, LockLegion!


2008-06-18 14:37:05

you locks suck now glocks you all are cosplays of clocks


2008-07-02 03:31:11

No, of course your flashes are very funny and good in quality, but c'mon, the Lock legion is a rip-off of the Clock Crew.
btw, is there a Num Lock? Caps Lock perhaps? Scroll Lock?


2008-07-28 15:08:36

I forgot about Lock Day and unfortunally couldn't make a flash...

well bout a week before Lock Day i remembered... :(


2008-12-19 06:00:42

mmk well i didn't even know there was a lockday tell now. All I can say is you guys have a just cause becuase I don't like the clock crew but you guys barrow there annoying "king of flash" stuff. Plus why do you have to be rivals? why not just seperate groups. but besides my wonderful ranting grads on your lockday!


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