Be sure to check out this fantastic submission by MagicWand Lock!

If you don't like this movie, then you hate everything good in the world.

LL - Blimp Adventure Released!

Lockday 2011!!

2011-05-28 18:56:15 by Lock-Legion

Lockday 2011 is a wrap and this year we saw some fantastic submissions!

Be sure the to check out these fabulous submissions

And be sure to visit to see the full list!

Lockday 2011!!

The latest great LL collab is out!

2011-02-02 19:52:55 by Lock-Legion

Make sure to check out LL - Journey, the latest and one of the best LL collabs ever!

The latest great LL collab is out!

ELO - Twilight Collab is out

2010-05-28 18:11:00 by Lock-Legion

Make sure to check out the Locklegion's latest great collab ELO - Twilight!

By far the best collab to come out of the LL in a long time!

Also may 26th was this year's Lock Day, make sure to see the great submissions this time around!
Lockday 2010 Collection Page

ELO - Twilight Collab is out

The Long Story Episode 3 is out!

2009-07-07 19:05:43 by Lock-Legion

Be sure to watch by far the greatest part of the Lock Legion's long story collab, released this week!

Watch Episode 3 Here!

Also be sure to catch the other great episodes

Watch Episode 1 Here!
Watch Episode 2 Here!

Brought to you by the fine folks at the Lock Legion.

The Long Story Episode 3 is out!

Lockday this May 26th

2009-05-11 10:52:18 by Lock-Legion

In a mere 15 days will be Lockday 09, thousands upon thousands of the greatest flash movies ever created will be submitted on the Newgrounds portal this day.

Prepare yourselves for the greatest day of the year!


2008-05-28 01:35:05 by Lock-Legion

Although it wasn't as huge as our previous lockdays, the event still happened and went better than we thought it would!

See all the glory in the LOCKDAY 08 COLLECTION PAGE ockday2008

Good work to all those who submitted movies, and gratz to Master Lock who won 3 heavy NG awards for his thrilling submission

Also my personal favorite is Mp3 Locks amazing flash racing game, I mean its so amazing!

See you next year for Lockday 09!